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We're your neighbor.

We're your partner.

We're the voice for people with intellectual

and developmental disabilities in eastern Connecticut














I get to make a difference every day!

“Working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has always been my dream. I was a foster kid, so this is the most fulfilling thing for me—helping people live their best lives.  And I’m learning just as much as anyone—the people here really bring out the best in me. We’re family here. The Arc is my family. I want to help people look forward to tomorrow.”                       

Shameka Brown, Life Skills Instructor Community Life & Advocacy


What The Arc Means to Me

“I’m a pretty social person and The Arc gives me a chance to do a lot of different things. They found out what I wanted to do and helped me get a job that I really love. I do cleaning here at the retirement community and I get to see different people every day. They’re just wonderful. I like where I live, and I get along great with my roommates, but what I really love is working and being productive. The Arc makes that possible.”                                               

Mike M.


Supporting The Arc Feels Great!

“Through The Arc, we can make people’s lives better—every day. I’ve been a part of this organization for over 20 years, and I know that my gift helps create opportunities for people with IDD that support the values that my mother instilled in me and my siblings many years ago - acceptance, inclusion and love. I grew up in a house where everyone was welcome and respected.  That’s exactly what The Arc is about. Please consider making your first gift, or renewing your longtime support. I promise you will feel great, and we can’t do it without you!”                        

Gene Michael Deary, Treasurer The Arc ECT Board of Directors and Annual Appeal Chair

Your generous gift provides:


Camp Harkness Scholarships

Special Olympics registration and uniforms

Micro-enterprise and vocational training programs

Sensory items, craft supplies, and swim passes

Workshops and support groups

Facility enhancements

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