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Writing a Book: The Coursework Method

1. relevance - the importance of an event, phenomenon, hero here and now.

It is spelled out in several ways.

A) The relevance of the hero's appearance - why he comes at this particular moment in the story, what is his role - in the story, in the world.

The hero must PayForEssay always appear at the right time and in the right place, so that the story develops in an interesting and authentic way. And you also need the relevance of the hero's qualities - what are his abilities, what is his character, why is all this important for the development of the idea, the intrigue, the conflict, the plot?

The hero's personal goals and objectives should also be important to the development of the story.

So important, for example, is Frodo's goal in The Lord of the Rings: both to get rid of the ring and save the world (just at the moment when the Eye awakened and war began; to prevent Sauron from becoming even stronger), and for himself to get rid of the power of the ring before it takes over him.

B) The relevance of events and the starting point from which the story begins.

The events of the story must be important to both the hero and the world--yes, here and now. In other words, you need a backstory that will form the basis for the events, and a point of departure-the reason for the events to begin. And understanding: why is it important to start with this event? What happens if you start later? How about earlier?

Let's say if you start earlier, do my paper the hero will be too young and won't be able to cope with the problem. Or because of his age he won't be interested in the problem, but in the girl next door (see point A - what is the importance of the story for the hero). And if you start later? What if you don't start at all?

So what is the importance of the events of the story?

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