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Personal Growth.



There’s nothing like a pandemic to remind us of what’s importantcommunity, mutual respect, and creating great experiences out of adversity. That’s what our Daytime Support Team did for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  During a Zoom chat one day, everybody decided a pizza party would lift their spirits

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So 17 delivery bags, ingredients, and a recipe were packed into The Arc’s  vans and delivered to each home. Team members provided virtual support while everyone made pizza.  The best part? Eating it!

When Life Hands You Lemons . . . Make Pizza!


Connection is at the core of what we do at The Arc Eastern Connecticut, and YOU are key to our success. During this tough year, knowing that we are all in this together gets us through. Not even a pandemic can stop us from learning, growing, and helping each other.

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When life hands you challenges . . . pivot to success.

Chances are, you know someone we support. 

People with IDD are employed in our community, thanks to programs like ours. Folks volunteer at road races, fairs, and town cleanups. They advocate at the State Capitol and testify before legislators on issues affecting people with disabilities. Your partnership maintains these vital community connections for the nearly 1,000 people we support each year.

Your generous gift provides:

  • Transportation

  • Camp Harkness Scholarships

  • Special Olympics registration and uniforms

  • Micro-enterprise and vocational training programs

  • Sensory items, craft supplies, and swim passes

  • Workshops and support groups

  • Facility enhancements


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