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The Arc Eastern Connecticut's Residential Program operates on the firm conviction that all people deserve a loving, nurturing environment in which to develop, grow and spread their wings. Every person deserves a place to call home along with the freedom to care for and decorate that home as he or she chooses. The Arc Eastern Connecticut embraces the idea that each community home is the resident’s home. Staff is committed to facilitate, model, and build skills that will lead to optimal independence.

Each home is set up to meet the needs, wants and desires of the people living there. For example, one home is dedicated to meeting the needs of autistic women.

Similarly, each home is as unique as each person living in the home. All homes promote independence and choice in all aspects of life. Community relationships are built through community excursions, classes and similar community events.

Homes encourage a family environment. For many, our homes provide the only family the residents have known. The goals of The Arc Eastern Connecticut's residential program are focused on providing a family-like atmosphere within each home, empowering each resident to make positive decisions about themselves and their homes. Additionally, The Arc strives to provide a safe environment – physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Arc is committed to meeting residents’ health and safety needs and to providing the level of care and support afforded any member of a family. Residents are encouraged (and supported) in developing friendships and relationships outside family units, and to develop personalized interests.

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