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IMG_2480 Kathleen gray.jpg

Kathleen Stauffer
Chief Executive Officer


Denisse Mateo
Chief People Officer


Yvette Horton
Chief Operations Officer


Annemarie Bellenoit
Chief Administrator


Betty-Jo Davis

Deputy Chief Quality Assurance Officer—Residential Services

Valerie Malone

Deputy Chief Quality Assurance Officer—Support Services

Jennell Ricard

Deputy Chief Quality Assurance Officer—Day Services

Aimee Bourassa

Deputy Chief Quality Assurance Officer—Health & Clinical Services

Yvette Horton

Deputy Quality Assurance Officer of Individualized Services


Susan James

Director of Day Services Northeast

Alex Cabezas

Director of Residential Services Northeast


Sarah Kutz
Directors of Camp

Michelle Torres

Director of In Home Supports

James Hymon

Director of Employment Services

Susan Gregoire

Director of Day Service Options Southeast

Jennifer Ricci

Director of Community Enterprise

Paula Kowalski

Director of Senior Retirement

Penny Newbury

Director of Grants & Communications

Denise Tift

Director of Community Outreach

Rachel Merrill

Director of Accounting

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