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Our Cleaning Crews

The Arc ECT participants who wish to pursue a career in the cleaning/janitorial field or the hospitality industry begin by training with their Job Coaches at our in-house Cleaning Crew program. By performing nearly all the janitorial and cleaning services at both our Employment Transition Center in Groton and our main offices in Norwich, trainee employees gain valuable experience in all types of commercial janitorial duties.  When participants are ready, they transition to competitive employment with area businesses.


The Arc ECT’s mobile cleaning crews work in venues of all sizes including the Mohegan Sun Casino, the U.S. Sub Base, AVCRAD, Johnson Controls at Computer Science Corporation, and a variety of both large and boutique area hotels. These crews tackle a variety of cleaning responsibilities in all office and meeting areas, including bathrooms, floors, and windows. The Arc ECT also has recently partnered with area professional cleaning services who retain the Cleaning Crew as part of their professional team for both large one-time jobs and smaller, routine contracts.


“The work the cleaning crew does is fantastic! They are cheerful and willing to do the job right. I would love to have them here more often.” Ron Johnson, Maintenance Supervisor, Fleet Motor Services

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