Chief Operations & Quality Officer
Laurie Herring


Laurie Herring developed a passion for working with people with disabilities and supporting their fight for the right to have a voice in their lives and a say in how their dreams are met more than two decades ago in Florida, where she played a key role in developing Primose, a center assisting people severely involved in their disability.

Laurie has served as a member of the Florida Association of Behavioral Analysis and has done extensive work securing vocational grants for Individualized Work Supports; coordinating a Pre-vocational skills Training Center; and, growing a program for people with profound disabilities. This experience led her to early explorations of techniques that best serve people with autism living in Day / Residential settings.

Laurie’s 27-year career in social services covers all areas of supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has a passion for person-centered supports and fully advocating for the people with whom she has had the privilege of working with. Her time as the Executive Director of Seacorp, Inc., allowed Laurie to develop executive leadership skills and bring person-centered residential services front and center for people in Southeastern Connecticut.

As Chief Operations and Quality Officer for The Arc Eastern Connecticut, Laurie oversees all aspects of quality control and programmatic operations. The Arc Eastern Connecticut and the people it serves, meanwhile, journey toward a dream of full inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Laurie has attended the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Central Florida.

You can reach Laurie at: 

(860) 889-4435 extension 119

The Arc Eastern Connecticut, established by two groups of families in 1952, provides advocacy and supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the entire region. Our services touch every aspect of a person's life: housing, employment/job development, vocational/micro-enterprise ventures, education, day programs, in-home supports, Senior services, health/fitness activities, and community involvement.


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