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Taking our Message to Hartford

“Advocacy: to change what is to what should be.”

Dear Friend of The Arc Eastern Connecticut,

The past few months have been busy for Jamie Lazaroff, The Arc’s Self-Advocacy Coordinator for our  Community Life & Advocacy program. In between facilitating meetings and conducting peer trainings, 

going to the Capitol.JPG

he  organized trip after trip to the Capitol during the last  legislative session. “I’ve learned a lot, and I think we’ve come a long way. There’s still lots to do.”

Thanks to Jamie and Community Life &  Advocacy, the Self Advocates’ group has become a  formidable presence in the state. A van full of Self Advocates stormed the Capitol for Family Hearing Day, nonprofit advocacy day, and a variety of  legislative breakfasts to  testify  regarding improved  physical and  programmatic access for people with IDD as well as in-creased wages for  direct support professionals. Britney’s a new member of the group. She’s  excited that this year she was able to help.

CL&A’s Self Advocates on their way to the Capitol for  Family Hearing Day, February 4, 2023. Jamie is in the center, and  Britney is second from right

Call Out for web.png

draft testimony and prepare letters to give personally to legislators, reminding them that people with IDD are here, they are listening, and they vote.
The Arc’s Self-Advocates not only mentor each other in the impor-tance of expressing our desires and understanding our rights, they teach all of us what good advocacy is supposed to be about.

We’re counting on your support to keep  making an impact—on the state and local level, in the  communities where Jamie, Britney and their peers live and work, and as each person journeys towards independence. Your donation provides crucial funds for guest speakers, transportation to  legislative events and advocacy training conferences, and promotional materials the group uses to grow and  expand throughout eastern Connecticut.
Support advocacy where it begins.
Partner with our Self Advocates and make your gift today!

In Partnership for Full Equality,

in the Hearing Room tweaked.png

Getting ready to testify in the Hearing Room: The Arc
ECT’s CEO Kathleen Stauffer is in the center holding a sign
and surrounded by Self-Advocates, with Britney to her left

Kathleen Stauffer

Chief Executive Officer

KS Signature.png
diane. no backpng.png

Diane Aubin

President, Board of Directors

Screenshot 2024-01-11 130221.png

Supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Chances are, you know someone we support. 

People with IDD are employed in our community, thanks to programs like ours. Folks volunteer at road races, fairs, and town cleanups. They advocate at the State Capitol and testify before legislators on issues affecting people with disabilities. Your partnership maintains these vital community connections for the nearly 1,000 people we support each year.

How YOU can make a difference NOW

  • $35 covers 2 months of transportation for a 
           participant Volunteer. 


  • $100 allows 20 self-advocates to attend the national 
             Disability Conference


  • $500 allows someone with IDD to live independently in 
             their home through assistive  technology:
             remote  monitoring and medication support,
             appliance  shutoffs,  telehealth, etc.

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