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Empowerment/Enrichment Component

CL&A’s Empowerment/Enrichment Component

Part of CL&A’s activities include six Empowerment/Enrichment groups, which introduce participants to the concept of viewing themselves as part of a broader community in which they have a voice, an interest, and a right of inclusion.


VOICES is a group for women at-risk of sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse. Participants focus on their own healing in order to move forward, realize their goals, and lead independent lives.


ELEMENTS OF ELLEN is a series of workshops designed to advance self-presentation skills and enhance self-esteem.


SHOOTING STARS is Southeastern Connecticut’s adult chapter of the state-wide organization, People First.  It is a self-advocacy group helping participants identify their challenges, advocate for themselves, and practice good decision-making.


SPARCS (Student Peer Advocates Raising Community Support), a youth advocacy project for those age 16-24, addresses the often-difficult transition to life away from a school setting.  It focuses on employment, housing, social engagement and civic responsibility.

In the VOLUNTEER CORPS, participants are exposed to the importance of civic responsibility and increased social interaction.  Last year the Corps completed 16 projects, totaling 528 hours of service to the community.


CULTURE QUEST broadens participants’ awareness of history, art and culture in the region and beyond.

For more information contact CL&A Coordinator Debbie Densmore at (860) 889-4435 x 108 or

In Partnership for Full Equality

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