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Lawncare & Landscaping

Professional Service at Competitive Prices!

The Employment Transition Center’s Lawn and Landscape Service is a micro-enterprise in a field of high demand. In the summer, two teams, each with their own working Job Coach, are trained to use all types of lawn care tools and machinery. They can tackle a multitude of outdoor maintenance projects including weeding, pruning, mulching, debris removal, lawn mowing, tree work, grass patching, and spring and fall cleanup. The “training crew” handles all the landscape work at our main offices in Norwich and Employment Transition Center in Groton as well as our fifteen supported residential homes throughout southeastern Connecticut. The commercial crew handles jobs of all sizes at both private homes, businesses and organizations throughout southeastern Connecticut. 


Leaf cleanup, extensive mulching, and the crew’s new winter clean-out service was improved dramatically this year through the purchase of a dump trailer courtesy of the Edward and Mary Lord Foundation, and a commercial chainsaw further extended the capabilities of the crew to become a full-service lawn and landscape business this year.


In 2018 the Lawn and Landscape service generated enough revenue to cover the salaries of participant employees.  This is an enormous achievement, given the Arc ECTs policy of paying minimum wage to participant employees.  The success of the crew and their Job Coaches has attracted many more people with IDD who want to learn these valuable skills and choose landscaping and lawn care as a potential career.



View our Lawn Care brochure here.

New Service: Attic and Garage Cleanouts!

The crew also specializes in attic and garage cleanouts. Fall and winter are the perfect times to get rid of all those unwanted items! Find out more information here. 


Serving all of eastern Connecticut.


(860) 449-1529 x 308

“The crew does an excellent job, and they’re really friendly. They’ve given our building great ‘curb appeal.’ The job coach is awesome. There’s no landscape project this crew can’t handle.” —Jack Hinds, Warehouse Liaison, Gemma Moran United Way/Labor Food Center

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